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Among the most critically acclaimed films of the year, WENDY AND LUCY is a touching, politically urgent road movie about a young drifter named Wendy (Academy Award® nominee Michelle Williams) and her beloved dog, Lucy, lost on the roadsides of the Pacific Northwest. When Wendy’s car breaks down and her plans for a better life in Alaska fall apart, she is forced into a world of strangers, and comes to a tragic new understanding of the limits and depths of peoples’ duty to each other in troubled times. Directed by Kelly Reichardt (RIVER OF GRASS, OLD JOY), WENDY AND LUCY again reveals this director’s deep commitment to the subtleties of character, the strangeness
of the American landscape, and the pleasures of classical storytelling.

Featuring a collection of experimental gems from the Film Faculty at
Bard College, curated by WENDY AND LUCY director Kelly Reichardt.
* PETER HUTTON Boston Fire & New York Portrait
* PEGGY AHWESH Scary Movie
* LES LeVEQUE flight
* JACQUELINE GOSS How to Fix the World?


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